Petri dishes

In polystyrene

The Petri dish commercialized by Selecta Group is a round of the same shape as the plate, but somewhat larger in diameter, so that it can be placed above and close the container, but not hermetically.

It is mainly used in laboratories to cultivate bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, covering the bottom with different culture media according to the microorganism you want to cultivate.

Here you are the various models with their specific characteristics:


1. Plates without compartments. Ø 90 mm. 3 winds.
Part No.: 5004017 Aseptic. Packed 20 units.
Part No.: 5004018 Sterile. Packed 20 units.

2. Two compartment places. Ø 90 mm. 3 winds.
Part No.: 5004019 Aseptic. Packed 20 units.
Part No.: 5004020 Sterile. Packed 20 units.

3. Three compartment places. Ø 90 mm. 3 winds.
Part No.: 5004021 Aseptic. Packed 20 units.
Part No.: 5004022 Sterile. Packed 20 units.

4. Four compartment places. Ø 90 mm. 3 winds.
Part No.: 5004023 Aseptic. Packed 20 units.
Part No.: 5004024 Sterile. Packed 20 units.

5. Contact Petri dishes corsslinked for counting.
Part No.: 5004025 Sterile. Ø 55 mm. Packed 10 units.
Part No.: 5004026 Sterile. Ø 90 mm. Packed 20 units.

6. Square Petri dishes. 120×120 mm. 3 winds.
Part No.: 5004027 Sterile. Packed 10 units.

7. Transport and storage support for Petri dishes of Ø 90 mm.
Capacity: 48 plates.
Part No.: 5004028

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